In the park

Is a 2 min and 53 seconds film about a guy who is tired of studying. He decided to run in the park when he is ambushed by two guys. He uses his Muay Thai skills and fights them off.


Devon DR

Kester Mohammed

Ryan George

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Sponsorship benefits

          In this particular film Challenge Gym was the main product marketed. By choosing just a few sponsors as the main focus for our videos, those products are highlighted and the audience looks at them the way we direct.  Our scenes are written and directed to suit the particular sponsor's line of business.  For example, Challenge Gym teaches Muay Thai and offers Fitness training and a healthy lifestyle. The star character uses Muay Thai to defend himself and demonstrates his fitness as well.

          The audience can relate to the practical circumstance the character has found himself in. At the end of it, they impressed and convinced that Challenge Gym can not only teach them how to fight but it is the gym they should join. 

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Benefits of partnering

The partnership has to be mutual and must benefit both parties. If you have a proposal please contact us. Or contact us to hear what we can do for eachother