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Aerobic means; living, active, or occurring only in the presence of oxygen.

Therefore, aerobic exercise is where you will be able to breathe comfortably while working out. This is a point in your program where you will be comfortable and can last for a long time. It uses a low flow of energy. However, it’s not that simple. During your daily activities, you will be in an aerobic state, therefore there is a difference between aerobic exercise and being in an aerobic state. Or else your daily activity will be aerobic exercise, and that's not the case, for if it was, why would you need exercise?


Here is the underlying difference between being in an aerobic state and aerobic exercise. It’s all in your heart rate. Aerobic exercise should take your heart rate up to 60% to 70% of the maximum heart rate. Whereas your daily activities would be less. 


The benefits of aerobic...

Aerobic is easy and comfortable, once done correctly it taps into a fat burning mode and uses your fat as the main source of energy. You can do aerobic exercises for an hour plus and feel normal.  


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Anaerobic means; living, active, occurring, or existing in the absence of free oxygen. This is the opposite of aerobic. Therefore, anaerobic is where you cannot breathe while working out. It is a point in your program where you may have to hold your breath for a few seconds and your heart rate climbs beyond 80% of the maximum. Anaerobic lasts for a short time and uses a high burst of energy. It is a difficult state because you will be out of breath and will feel your body giving up. 


The benefits of anaerobic...

Anaerobic, it is very effective in strengthening your cardiovascular system, mainly your heart muscle. I like to compare anaerobic training to weights exercises for the heart, but it does more than that. It increases your metabolic rate and your basal metabolic rate up to 18 hours after an anaerobic session. This is a major benefit for fat loss and overall fitness.


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Aerobic by itself leads to a sticking point that varies with individuals. Often I get comments from people who have been getting results and it has suddenly come to a halt or they may have regained the fat they lost. It is at this point they need help.

Adding anaerobic in the mix will take you out of that sticking zone. To prevent the sticking zone requires you to have a routine that predicts it before it happens and avoids it completely so you can always be on track to betterment. Anaerobic exercises or high-impact training needs to be done in a way that isolates the heart rate.

The benefits of combining the two...

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What else is needed...

A specific program needs to be added to condition the muscles so it doesn’t give out before the heart and breath. Or else, you will find your legs and arms giving out before your heart rate reaches its anaerobic state. 


It takes expert knowledge and experience to design a program that conditions the muscles and simultaneously mixes aerobic and anaerobic. When it is done, the results of weight management, body sculpting, health, and fitness are assured. Understanding this, you can see the importance of making exercise part of your wellness lifestyle.

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