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National Kickboxing Council of Trinidad and Tobago


The NKC Trinidad & Tobago is the National Governing Body for the sport of Kickboxing and Muay Thai in Trinidad and Tobago registered with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The NKC Trinidad & Tobago president Mr. Brendon Burke holds representation for the parent bodies of each discipline. WAKO Ring Sport Division for Kickboxing which includes the following disciplines, (Full-Contact) (Low-Kick) (K-1) & IFMA for (Muay Thai) Legitimate Coaching certification for either discipline can only be obtained through the NKC Trinidad & Tobago, therefore if your kickboxing /Muay Thai instructor does NOT possess a WAKO Black belt coaching certificate or an IFMA KHAN grading certificate and is NOT a registered member of the NKC Trinidad & Tobago, they will not be able to have an athlete from their club/gym compete for a Legitimate National Title, or represent Trinidad and Tobago on the National Team. Contact the NKC Trinidad & Tobago.

Email at

Call 283-9634, 368-4771 for more info on becoming properly certified or if your interest lies in making the Trinidad and Tobago National Team.

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