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What did she do?



After an angel performs a forbidden deed, she is punished by her wings ripping away from her. From that point forward, she was called Wingless Angel.

She chases them across the heavens trying to apologize, without any luck.


            Meanwhile, in space, an astronaut is wearing a spacesuit, which has the same technology as her wings, made by his deceased father. He uses his Angel Wingsuit to travel farther than any human has in the universe. His adventures take him to strange worlds, where he battles fierce aliens to gather materials for a device which will lead him to a place where no mortal man is allowed. A place where time and space loops.


            After reaching this place, he meets a field of unusual asteroids which he rearranges using a mystical device he calls ‘halo points,’ located all over his suit. By redesigning the layout of these asteroids, he revealed a threshold that leads to a place where only he knew.


           Then suddenly, right after his mischief, he encountered a great warrior, and an epic battle occurred. It was Wingless Angel and she almost annihilated him. She had mistaken him for a demon as she had just fought one and lost virtually reaching death herself.


           She uses her spiritual prowess to learn everything about his life and realized he would be a useful ally. Then she showed him her story by allowing him to see her memories.


          He learned that when her wings had forgiven her, they both encountered a demon who had invaded heaven and the Gods were none the wiser. She and her wings battled the demon, but eventually, he ripped the wings from her back. Her sad story made the astronaut want to help her conquer the demon and save the heavens.


        The angel strikes a deal with him; that if he helps her kill the demon, she will help him with his task of entering the mysterious threshold. She improves his Angel Wingsuit as it had similar technology as her wings. Then they fought the demon together.


         A historic duel takes place. They soon uncovered a plot designed by the king of gods, gone wrong. It is up to the astronaut and Wingless Angel to fix the god’s mistakes.

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