Bio and qualifications

          Devon DR is the founder of Challenge Gym and is a qualified Muay Thai Instructor. He is graded 9th Khan under the IFMA standard. He is also a 1st degree black belt in Kickboxing under WAKO.

          He is also a personal fitness trainer qualified from The Reagent Academy.

Devon has been running Challenge Gym for fourteen years now and has trained over two thousand people. He enjoys sharing his experience and helping others reach their goals to a healthier life. Training in martial arts and fitness has changed his life in such a positive way that his passion is to share his joy of exercise with others.

          He especially enjoys working with kids who have been bullied and the special needs children. He has done the impossible with some of these kids.

          He trains fights to compete in the ring and is always proud when they perform. He has improved the standard of training for most and intends to keep doing so.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

A member of the NKCTT and NMCTT. Connected to WAKO and IFMA