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Devon Ramkallawan

Da cool one!

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The Story

          Devon Ramkallawan is the founder of Challenge Gym and is a qualified Muay Thai Instructor. He is graded 10th Khan under the IFMA standard. He is also a 2nd-degree black belt in Kickboxing under WAKO.

          He is also a personal fitness trainer qualified from The Reagent Academy.

He has been running Challenge Gym for fifteen years now and has trained over two thousand people. He enjoys sharing his experience and helping others reach their goals for a healthier life. Training in martial arts and fitness has changed his life in such a positive way that his passion is to share his joy of exercise with others.

          He especially enjoys working with kids who have been bullied and special needs children. He has done the impossible with some of these kids.

          He trains fighters to compete in the ring and is always proud when they perform. He has improved the standard of training for most and intends to keep doing so.

          Devon's work with underprivileged and special needs kids with learning disabilities and children who have been badly bullied in school is very important to him. The quality of his teaching speaks volumes when you see the progress of some of these kids. 

“It’s amazing how rough martial arts like Muay Thai can give practitioners powerful qualities like patience and emotional control, while the untrained tend to be unsteady, answering to every impulse. Muay Thai fighters remain calm and aim to defend themselves only,” says Devon as he continues to pass on his knowledge. 


          At the age of eighteen Devon Ramkallawan found his passion after joining Lions Muay Thai Gym in Lothians road Princes town. There he met his coach and mentor Brendon Burke. Devon’s dedication to his training won him the favor of his coach who took a keen interest in him. It wasn’t long after that Devon was worthy of the National team, where he really made a name for himself.


          As a boy, Devon dreamed about representing his country, but he never imagined holding the flag high for the incredible sports of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. 

During his years of competition, he rose as one of the best fighters in Trinidad and Tobago. 

He represented Trinidad and Tobago in Barbados, Suriname, and Brazil. He also fought against fighters from St. Martian, Canada, El Salvador, Israel, New Zealand, and Aruba. 


          At the age of twenty, Devon achieved his diploma in personal fitness from Reagent Academy in London. He achieved his Kickboxing instructor grading at the age of twenty-one and open his own gym called Challenge Gym, which is registered with the National Kickboxing Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NKCTT) and the National Muay Thai Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NMCTT). 

As the years went by he kept increasing his qualifications. At the age of twenty-eight, he was awarded Ninth Khan grading in Muay Thai, then became a certified WAKO referee and judge. In 2020 he earned his 10th Khan in Muay Thai and 2nd degree in Kickboxing. He is presently training for world championships while focusing on his gym where he trains his clients personally in fitness, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and self-defense. 

          Indulging in his passion for the sport, even more, Devon started Fight Star Promotions in the year 2014. He has since promoted many tournaments and is planning for the next.


          From the beginning of 2019, he made a further step up as being voted in as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the National Kickboxing Council of Trinidad and Tobago (NKCTT).

          Devon, the great fighter and coach has another passion. He enjoys writing poetry and stories. In 2018 he published a novel called Wingless Angel ‘The Forbidden Deed.’ Needless to say, the story is filled with adventure and fighting, reflecting his inner dreams and fantasies.


          He is now working on short films which include gym members. You can see them here.

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