Sharmilla Garraway is forty six year old school teacher and here is her testimonial.


                 I started Challenge Gym about three years ago. All my life I had been slim so I never felt the need to exercise. When I started to gain a little weight i decided it was time to join the gym. During my first few days at the gym i couldn't even do the warm-up exercises. I felt it was too hard. However I persevered and it was worth it because i have lost weight and feel much healthier, at the same time i learnt self-defense. I now look forward to my work-outs. I am happy that i have chosen Challenge Gym and a healthy lifestyle. 

Kathy Ramdeen is a forty year old editor and here is her testimonial.

                 I have been training at Challenge Gym for two years. When I begun I asked Devon to help me because I wasn’t happy with my body. He showed me that once I stuck to it I could see results not just on the scale but with my form and endurance. The friendly atmosphere really helps with motivating me and I enjoy interacting with the clients of all ages.

Leonard Edmund is a thirty year old Mathematics teacher and here is his testimonial.

                 I have been training at Challenge Gym for six years. By learning how to fight and defend myself I automatically achieved my fitness goal. My experience at the gym helped me to overcome some of my fears and made me more confident.  Much thanks to the trainer Devon. I have a great time training and I am satisfied with the expertise. 

Karvel 'Rambo' Francois is a 28-year-old supervisor and here is his testimonial

No excuses just results!!!!!!.

                Hi, my name is Karvel “Rambo” Francois and I’m dedicated to carrying out this motto that is embedded into each and every fiber of Challenge Gym. I’m proud to say that I have been labeled a fighter but I humbly see myself as a student that wishes to educate and improve oneself in this intricate art form. Thanks to Devon Ramkellawan, my perfect mentor I have accepted this way of life.

                Some may see this sport as being violent but to me, I see it as the only thing on earth where mental, physical and spiritual harbor itself into one medium. Reason being; before started this kickboxing journey, I was always hasty and angry, and my life was cradled into the hands of crime and enjoyable violence. Life was like a Goliath that beat me from one corner of the ring to the next, no one-minute break until Devon gave me a sling. He taught me different ways to deal with life inside and outside the ring. Secretly I call him Dr. Dev because he always has a listening ear and simple explanations to my complex questions.

                 I remembered my second fight within the local competition, while he placed my mouth guard into my mouth he said to me, don’t matter what you do challenge yourself by doing your best with a calm relaxed but determined mindset and you will make the resolution to any problem that is before you.

Two years have passed and because of his influential words, I am now happily married, confident and relaxed in any situation and the proud owner of my new home. This gym has done more for me than I may ever do for it in a lifetime. As I’m concluding my remarks, I was just wondering if I’ve walked with a change of clothes to train on the national team today.

Life is not a task but a challenge, why not challenge it here and now at challenge gym.     

Are You Up For The Challenge?

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