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Saleem Abdul Mohammed

23/10/2017. -input-

Saleem Abdul Mohammed started training 13 of August 2016. 

He has a learning disability that I don't know the name of. However, I have done some experiments. He can't read well or count. When I speak to him I get the same responses that of a 5 year old. Its very difficult to speak to him sometimes. Roughness works only to get him to work but not to focus. Kindness and lectures doesn't get him to focus either. He has really bad confidence issues but seems very loving. I think the best thing for him is to focus on muscle memory and be patient. 

          I have him as of 1st of September on a Combination routine and timer rep weights routine. It is given great progress till now.

Even his confidence seems to have improved but mostly his skills have improved. 

6/11/2017 -input-

           He has improved a lot with techniques and confidence. His discipline is much higher now and he is very obedient also. The routines are working very well and i think my next year i can start giving him fight strategies. 

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