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Ryan Chaitram

          Ryan Chaitram has been Training since the 23 of March 2016. He is on the autism spectrum. This means that he has a hard time concentrating and he is very lazy, however, he is very smart in school.  His confidence and social skills are very low. He trains very laid back and has no desire whatsoever to push himself.

           After one year his social skills have improved and confidence has improved but his concentration is is very bad. 

He responds to roughness and embarrassment. I think this is due to the low concentration.  The rough talk and threats causes him to concentrate; which means he has the ability but needs to try very hard to use it, his fear of getting in trouble forces him to concentrate and do what I say.  So far only some sort of trauma get him to work. I had even tried sending him home, which is my worst threat. He listened on that day but the next day he was the same. I need to work on his mind.

From 7/10/2017

My steps to get him to do it on his own is concentration exercises and a certain training routine. 

For concentration I have him drawing his hand over and over but every time with more detail. 

The training routine is;

Toughness drills

Taking hits then moving forward and responding with a technique.

Weights is only Isometrics because he doesn't push himself with reps. Instead he takes very long to do it. Therefore Isometrics is best I think.

6/11/2017 - input-

          He has gotten better at the toughness but the concentration is still poor. I intend to keep the toughness drill up for as long as it takes. 

18/11/2017 - input-

When Ryan started his mother said that he couldn't do a push up and his past instructor couldn't get him to do it and eventually gave up. Today he did a correct push up.



After sticking to just doing one or two techniques a day and running two man drills, as usual, Ryan is ready to start 'fight preparation drills.' His concentration has improved but it is still little. However, he is more motivated now and he really enjoys training. He has been getting a lot of positive reinforcement due to his progress and he is starting to open up and talk more. Only a few weeks ago he and Ronaldo sat down after class and started asking me questions about how I opened teh gym. 

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