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Luke, the Thai Boxer. 

A short film by Devon DR.

Luke, the Thai boxer synopsis.

Luke’s gang initiation goes wrong. He steals $20 and a torn card with the words ‘Thai Boxing’ written on it. He is considered a failure, beaten, and left for dead. After surviving, his aunt researches the words and finds Challenge Gym where Luke is enrolled. From weak to strong his training takes him until his former gang learns about his survival and his progress. At an exhibition with another gym, the gang leader attacks him. His coach comes to his rescue and they flee. Luke has gotten so strong that he forgives the gang. He wants what's best for them, but is concerned about what he should do if they attack him again. His coach advised him to remain non-violent, and that he use only defensive techniques designed to return the attacker’s aggression and hate onto himself. When the inevitable came, Luke digs deep within himself to find the courage to obey his coach.


Extras and bloopers

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