We teach beginners and aspiring competitors.
We pride ourselves in the results that we give and pay close attention to your personal goals, whether it be fighting, weightloss, muscles gain or just
self-esteem building. It's is our goal to help you achieve yours. We accept that Challenge!


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These are the services that we offer at Challenge Gym;

  • General fitness

  • Weight loss routines

  • Body building

  • Strength training

  • Condition training

  • Kickboxing Classes

  • Muay Thai Classes

  • Kids Kickboxing Classes

  • Kids Muay Thai Classes 

  • Self-defense Course 

  • Weapons training; Baton, Tunfa Baton, Knife defense, Gun defense.

  • Rape whistle self-defense for women

  • Home Invasion Self Defense

  • Kids self-defense (part of our anti-bullying program)

  • Weight loss

  • Kids weight loss

  • One pack to eight pack

  • Strength and Power training

  • Muscle building and Toning

  • Senior Fitness

  • Senior Self-defense


Please contact me for further information about these programs as they may have different times and costs. Contact.