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          The difference between self-defense and fighting sports is that there are no rules, no judges and no referee. This can make a street fight very easy for someone who knows their way around the ring but very difficult for the average person who has no training. Because of this we offer  self-defense classes that covers all you will need for such a battle. 

Self defense syllabus 

  • Stance (front and side, left and right)

  • Punches

  • Elbows

  • Knees

  • Kicks

  • Baton (to use for defense and against an opponent with)

  • Tonfa baton (to use for defense and against an opponent with)

  • Knife (against an opponent with)

  • How to fall without injury

  • Rolls for after falling

  • Take downs

  • Take downs with baton

  • Take down to control opponent

  • Arrest Mode (for security guards and police)

  • Grabbing from strikes 

  • Wrist lock and arm bar lock

  • Chair and table (how to defend yourself when sitting)

  • Ground defense (rape and general)

  • How to fight against multiple opponents

  • Wall defense (if you are pinned and or pushed against a wall)

  • Choke hold (defense if you are being choked)

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