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          We have perfected the art of Fitness and its two best friends, weight loss and muscle toning. We use a formula that combines aerobic, anaerobic and resistance training to produce 'best bodies'.  When making a cake your ingredients has to be added in a  specific order, in a specific quantity and then placed under a specified heat for a certain amount of time. After this recipe is followed to the letter the cake is delicious and is something to be desired. So too with Challenge Gym's Fitness recipe. With a little tweaking of ingredients, the order they are added, and with the right amount of pressure, we can give you the best results in general fitness, weight loss, muscle growth, and toning. 
          Fitness is broken down in two types. Cardiovascular Fitness and Muscular Fitness. 
Cardiovascular fitness deals with the cardiovascular system which is the heart and blood vessels. Muscular Fitness deals with the Muscular system which is all the muscles of the body. 
Firstly lets explore Cardiovascular fitness.


Cardiovascular system

          There you can see the heart and blood vessels. The heart is the most important muscle in the body and its function is to pump blood to the other muscles so that it has oxygen and energy for movement. During Cardiovascular exercise, you are really working out your heart to make it more powerful so that it can pump more blood with every beat. That's basically what you are doing when you say cardio, strengthening your heart. The more blood that the heart can pump in one beat is better for you. 
          There are two types of Cardiovascular fitness; Aerobic and Anaerobic
Aerobic literally means;  involving, or requiring free oxygen. That is exercising when you can breathe comfortably in the presence of oxygen.  
There are three ranges of Aerobic,
1. Resting heart rate 
2. 'Aerobic heart rate' This is when you start warming up and the heart rate raises to a comfortable rate. 
3. 'Beyond Aerobic'. This is when your breathing becomes a bit uncomfortable.
Anaerobic means the absence of air or oxygen. 
           This occurs when your heart rate approaches its maximum. At this state of physical stress, you will find that you cannot speak and can't catch your breath. Once the heart rate comes close to maximum you find that your body starts giving up and you have to take a rest. Therefore, anaerobic isn't something you can do for long. It is advisable to end your session with a few minutes of anaerobic. 
           The benefits of aerobic are;

  Aerobic exercise is effective for burning only fat. It strengthens the heart and develops the muscles and organs to perform for a longer time.
           The benefits of anaerobic are;
1. It burns a lot more calories than aerobic, but the calories don't all come from fat, so you will be burning muscles as well, however, not much. (it all depends on how long you do anaerobic for).
2. It builds your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate your body burns calories at rest. This means that your body will burn an increase of calories at rest up to eighteen hours after your workout. 
            However, in anaerobic your body burns fats, carbohydrates, proteins and even muscles. A routine with these that consists of both aerobic and anaerobic is perfect for losing weight. 
At Challenge Gym we have perfected the formula to use these two to help you gain the best results as fast and as safe as possible.
The muscular system. 
Muscular fitness is broken down into Strength, Explosive power, Isometrics, and Condition. 
          In strength training, the aim is to constantly increase the resistance so as to make the muscle stronger. The reps are little range from 1-6 and the sets range from 6-10.  The goal of strength training is to have the ability to easily lift objects, it also gives the muscles a nice look and contributes to good health. The super benefit of strength training is that it turns hard tasks into easy ones. No more asking someone to lift this or move that, you can do it on your own. 
          In explosive power training, the aim is to lift a medium resistance with a fast burst. The reps are no more than 8 and the sets from 2-3. The goal of explosive power is for hitting, whether it be sports or work. It gives the muscles the ability to swing a bat, ax, club or fist harder. The super benefit of explosive power training is the start-up momentum to perform its task, which means its acceleration is increased. Consider drag racing for a second, because of the short distance the faster the acceleration the better for the race. Whereas in rally racing the top end speed matters more, well the muscles work like drag racing, therefore installing a turbo kit is the equivalent of doing explosive power exercises. 
          In Isometric training the aim is to  hold the a pose on the high point of contraction for a few seconds. The reps range from 6-10 and the sets from 3-5.  The goal of Isometrics is for the ability to hold objects in one place for a period of time. It is helpful for a strong stance and absorbing strikes, also for people who work in labor and have to hold and carry objects.  The super benefit of Isometric training is that it causes your muscles to look more defined and lean. This gives the body a nice athletic look that modern-day people like. 
          In Condition training, the aim is to do as many reps as you can as fast as you can. The reps can vary from one hundred to one thousand or more and there is only one set. The rest during reps is no longer than 5 seconds. The goal of condition training is to give the muscles the ability to perform more repetition movement. For example, in the case of punching. Condition training gives the puncher the ability to not only punch more but to punch faster. It is helpful for every athlete and nonathlete, like in the case of a labor worker.
          The super benefit of the condition is that it works the smaller muscles effectively, those are the muscles closer to the bone and the joints. This means that condition training helps the joint absorb more shock which is helpful for everyone.
             In conclusion, the Cardiovascular system needs the Muscular system to work and therefore they work together. Muscles that have good condition training can perform an excellent cardio workout. A good cardio workout means more calories will be burnt and weight loss is sure.  
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