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As of 2019 Challenge Gym has entered another type of fighting arena. War with the financial markets!


Challenge Gym has yet another brand, 'FM' meaning Financial Markets.


As of the beginning of this year, 2019. Challenge Gym FM has partnered with Admiral Markets UK. A regulated brokage firm with amazingly low spreads and a crazy amount of support for successful trading. They are not limited to forex as they trade over a hundred different markets including stocks and futures.  


Challenge Gym has also joined Trading University. An online University head up by Simon Townshend, a trader since 1981, wow ... that's before I was born! 


At this university, Simon teaches a simple and effective strategy that he has been using from since before computers were used for trading. That would be the time when everyone was fighting in the pit with pink slips to get their trades in. I am sure you have seen it in a movie!


I have been testing this strategy and it is a successful system. If you have traded before you know that you can't win every trade and this strategy is no exception, however, it is designed to capture big moves and it does! Consequently, you win more times and therefore profit overall. 


With this strategy and some other tools and information, we are equipped to win this war. 


Feel free to visit Trading University and join their program to learn the system and others they offer.



With the help of Admiral Markets, Challenge Gym FM now offer free training to those who register with Admiral Markets using one of the two links below. 


For those who don't know what forex is, please click on this link. The internet today... information at your fingertips!



Please click on one of the links to sign up for a demo account, or go live!


Admiral Markets UK Ltd - European regulator


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Admiral Markets PTY Australia - Australia regulator (this one is better for bigger leverage)


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Please contact me for further info.

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