Challenge #2 Results

Jihad Braxton

Jihadrecieving his award for Challenge #2

Challenge #2

Max time for Knee lifts and Teeps

Challenge :- Max time for Knee lifts and Teeps.

Challenge will be from the 20th to the 24th November 2017. Competitors can choose the day and time to compete.

Rules :- Competitors must have been paid members in the months of October and November 2017 or constant for a few months during the year to be eligible to compete.

Hold the left knee up for as long as you can then the right knee. Then max time for left teep without moving the right foot, then max time for right teep without moving the left foot. All times will be added. Longest time wins.  



  • Choose a day that you are least tired.

  • Warm up before

  • As you get tired tighten muscles and breathe slowly.

  • As lactic acid builds in your muscles, (the burning) make slight movements so it could run out. 


Awards:- This competition will be fun and the winner will be awarded $100TT.


Finishing remarks:- Do your best, stay focused and fight hard. Your own muscles are the opponent in this battle. Luck has no place in hard work!

Are You Up For The Challenge?

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